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Kingdom Economic Empowerment Fulfilled!
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Resolved Issues:  Women Leaders within the Church

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Anointed Believers Baptist Church

Senior Pastor Roney Smith


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Pastor Roney Smith

Rev. Roney and Sister Wyteria Smith

Senior Pastor Roney Smith
is a pastor member
of the
Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship
since March 1998.

Anointed Believers Baptist Church
joined the FGBCF
as a congregation member
October 8, 1998.

For more information on our participation
within the FGBCF,
visit our FAQ page on the topic.

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The ABBC Vision Statement:
Being and Developing
Sons and Daughters of God
to Fulfill
the Great Commission and
the Great Commandment
to Receive
the Promises of God
as a Family

The ABBC Motto:

Your Immediate and Extended Family in Christ


Doing All Things and
Greater Works in Christ!

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