TNL Communications Corporation's Business Partners

Our business partners represent companies and organizations that have partnered with TNL Communications Corporation in order to receive the best in various telecommunication products and services that are available. Each business partner has a distinct product or service that is available for purchase online or you can make arrangements to receive the service offline.

Contact the various entities today and receive the best that they have to offer!

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TNL Communications Corporation

Parent Company of TNL Internet Solutions, ALLcall, and TNL Intelligent Satellite Systems Takes the

Power of the Internet

to The Next Level!

Ready, Willing, & Able, Inc.

Chosen and Called People Doing God's Will, A worldwide nonprofit organization based in Mableton, Georgia USA

Prestige Coach Lines, Inc.

Travel First Class in Luxury

A Premier Charter & Tour Service Company based in Atlanta, Georgia USA

Itex Corporation's Atlanta office Itex Corporation's logo

The Atlanta office is a part of the worldwide ITEX Corporation which helps businesses located in Georgia and Tennessee as well as worldwide use barter (trade) in financing a company's operations and growth.

Every Church In The Spirit On The Web!

The TNL Communications Corporation's project that began February 12, 1997. Churches initially in the United States may participate.

Every Chapter On The Yard On The Web!

The TNL Communications Corporation's project that began February 12, 1997. Fraternities and sororities that are members of the Pan Hellenic Council may initially participate.


Well known people doing things while relaxing and simply just having fun

Uncle Willie's Little Black Book

A joint venture between TNL Communications Corporation and Ready, Willing, & Able, Inc. which featues a mailing list and web page designed to improve male-female relationships

Alpharetta-Smyrna Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

A nonprofit community service organization which is located in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia.

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