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Hello and my name is Roney Smith and I will share a few thoughts with you today!

Send me to any public school in America. 
Take away my wallet.  Give me any student with internet access that knows the difference between up and down, two different colors, and positive and negative, & within 1 hour I will have him or her making money online using none of my own money!


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Within minutes, you will soon feel the concept to Buy Pennies Sell Dollars radiate warmly throughout your body like glowing, unclouded sunshine and within your soul and I guarantee it.  I want you to remember your anniversary of visiting this page for years to come.

My name is Roney Smith and my 22nd entrepreneurial anniversary was reached on November 1, 2009.  Twenty-two years ago on November 1, 1987 at the age of twenty-two (22) years old, I started a company named Credit Guard that completely changed my life because operating the business revealed to me who I really was through my hidden talents that were rapidly exposed and confident, life-affirming opportunities that came to light as a result of my actions.  My actions years ago clearly continue to change, shape, and mold me in my development today.


Your empowerment is right here.

Today you will begin to excessively benefit from my past 20 years of experience within a much shorter time frame and simple system that no other can match.  I absolutely encourage you to try if you will every other resource that you have access to and when you are fully frustrated and have spent all of your time, energy, and money, then return to this page and see what would have been possible with a much shorter time frame, with less energy, and far more efficient use of your money.

Today you will gain what many undeniably consider an unfair advantage to the rest of the world.  But it is an advantage that was kept from you for reasons untold.  My only guess that today is just your day because you are finally in the right place at the right time with the right outlook that this opportunity has finally found its way to you!  Providence has created and lined up planets, constellations, and galaxies for us to come into contact with each other.


I believe and know that you will fly!

One talent that was revealed to me over 20 years ago is that I personally am the best person I can be whenever I am in a teaching mode.  I come from a family of teachers and preachers on both sides of my family tree:)  Even though I later taught mathematics within the public education system, I quickly discovered that I had higher aspirations and then left teaching to pursue a master of business administration (MBA) degree again largely due to starting Credit Guard.

What will you do with this coming abundance?

My own learning is reinforced and multiplied whenever I have the opportunity to teach others.  A personal observation gained and still remembered through my teaching experiences is that I can teach anyone anywhere regardless of their past educational experiences, successes or failures, credit reports, wealth or poverty, lifestyle, socioeconomic level, and genetic makeup.  I am more than willing to quickly give up any preconceived ideas and notions of being the expert or appearing distinguished and elegant in order to get my students' knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to their next level.  I can teach a stump if the stump is willing to make a change and give me an opportunity to do my thing even if it means that I have to get dirty and break into a cold sweat:)

Fast forward 22 years to today.  As a result of who and what I am as well as the blessed milestone that has been reached, I am making available to future students such as yourself and the public worldwide Buy Pennies Sell Dollars which is a breakthrough system and framework that will change the world by fully equipping you to change yourself to the person that you always knew you were created to be.  You will indeed accomplish more than anyone ever imagined and essentially step through the world as you once knew it like walking through walls to free yourself and others from the artificial limitations and barriers that needlessly held you back before.

But let me first clarify what Buy Pennies Sell Dollars is not.  This is not any New Age mumbo jumbo, metaphysical secrets, shallow promises, a get rich quickly scheme, or pathway to MLM or multi-level marketing (multilevel marketing in some corners) or what others call network marketing.  Although income and revenue will be generated in faster ways than you may have experienced before, I am giving you a turnkey opportunity that you will forever remain fully in control of.

We are teaching you how to fish and where the fish are waiting for you right now!

I personally do not have any issues with network marketing and have been involved with various companies before and reserve the right to do so in the future.  But no network marketing company worldwide compares to the ability to Buy Pennies Sell Dollars on your own without any other person or company requiring monthly quotas for payments.

As a mathematics teacher, the unconditional math skills taught to my students paid no royalties or residual income to me later other than the pure joy and satisfaction that I had the fortune to turn on the inner light within someone to solve a problem that they could not solve in the same way before our time spent in working together.  I am offering you the same freedom in your future as once offered to my students before.

You will completely remain fully in control of every step of the process whether you and I remain in contact or not, although I do hope to meet you and hear your testimonies of how Buy Pennies Sell Dollars has transformed your life and your loved ones.  There are many students of mine that I have never heard from again although the internet is making it easier for us to find one another through websites such as and MySpace.  I do find a special joy in knowing that whenever a past student thinks of me or a problem that they are able to solve years later, they will remember me fondly and thank God for the time that we spent together.  I used to tell my students of these same thoughts and feelings years ago in my classroom.

There is more than enough for all of us!

Essentially I am offering to you today the benefit of the same rich experiences that were first offered to me since graduating college, teaching my students, and being exposed to the dynamic and vibrant ways of financial achievement without spending 20 years of your own time to reinvent the wheel or accomplish them on your own through trial and error. 

Yes, by becoming a student of mine with me as your teacher you will experience the same power and clarity of vision of having taken the red pill as Morpheus provided to Neo within "The Matrix" trilogy.  Now as I think about it, you will not need a printer at all to Buy Pennies Sell Dollars although you may choose to print some items just to share with others.  Having 100% digital inputs is a new benefit never crossed my mind until now.


Let us flip your switch and turn your light on!

It is my personal promise to you to put the opportunity of earning more money into your hands than you are able to give!

Each moment that you delay builds a negative balance against you that will keep getting higher until either you die or make the change.  I am teaching my students to become teachers within their own right.  My own longevity is not a concern since my light will continue to outshine and outlast my time on earth.

If you can tell the difference between two colors and up and down, you can do this!

Hopefully you will now see that Buy Pennies Sell Dollars is not a get rich quick scheme because this is indeed my living legacy.  It has taken over 20 years to reach this point and there is no way in heaven, hell, or earth that I will blow it with any short-term thinking now.  My legacy is worth far more than that.  I have made business and personal mistakes in the past just as any other person but Buy Pennies Sell Dollars is not one of them without a doubt.

Taking action is the decision that

makes you a success!


Here are a few questions that I have just for you before we turn your light on:

Is today your day?

Are you ready for a revolution within your own life?

Are you prepared to experience what you felt was yours but never had the opportunity to see manifest within your life?

Do you love someone or something enough to let go and go for the critical changes that must be made?

Do you want to have fun, make money, and grow or become a hermit and isolate yourself with or without money?

Are you disgusted enough with present circumstances to invest in yourself with a small seed that will blossom into multiple, giant redwood trees in front of your eyes?

Would you like to see giant redwood trees as a result of your efforts to Buy Pennies Sell Dollars?

Are you going to show enough courage today to move past your own previous mistakes, failures, and cannot-miss-tips-and-opportunities and do something boldly that you can forever control?

Are you willing to not allow past disappointments and wasted time, energy, and money hold you back one last time?

Do you want the ball to be in your hands or someone else?

Would you like to see how I can condense, fold up, and squeeze the past 20 and continuing years of my living into a guaranteed encyclopedia, handbook, and tool of miracles, blessings, and breakthroughs that you can apply worldwide and work within the shortest time possible?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then feel free to make the first step.  Each step will be one that get better and richer.

Once you make the leap of faith, I want you to do one of five things or them all at once.

1.  You may choose to spend as much time as you desire to go under the hood to fully investigate on your own or through someone else whose opinion that you respect and admire whether the information, opportunities, and knowledge can be verified as a legitimate opportunities; or


2.  You may tell someone else about the special course and website entitled Buy Pennies Sell  I strongly encouraged my students to work in teams during the learning phase and still do.  Beyond yourself, I sincerely hope that you will provide a scholarship to someone that is old enough and mature enough to drive a car.  I want to change future generations for centuries to come.  Buy Pennies Sell Dollars is designed to be used by anyone old enough today to play video games.  If you can tell the difference between colors, have basic math skills such as simple addition or subtraction, and know the difference between up and down, then Buy Pennies Sell Dollars will work for you!;


3.  Have fun with Buy Pennies Sell and keep it simple!  This experience is not going to be worthwhile if it creates stress for you or feels like some deep, dark secret that needs to be kept from your family and friends while you work it.  This red pill is designed to relieve stress, give you victory, remove burdens, and destroy yokes versus creating them.


4.  Teach someone else how to Buy Pennies Sell Dollars by enrolling in our special course to create as many teachers worldwide as possible.  One of the best ways to learn and gain a stronger understanding of a subject is by teaching the subject to someone else; or finally


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Furthermore, Buy Pennies Sell Dollars is a workable system and concept without any geographical restrictions!  Regardless of what you are able to physically see on a day to day basis, you will not find any limitations based upon your time zone, subdivision, neighborhood, apartment building, street, zip code, town, city, state, or country!  Since you were able to read this page, you can Buy Pennies Sell Dollars within your own village with internet access if applicable:)

If you are unable to make the first step in faith today, then leave this page as quickly as possible.  I do not ever want to be your or anyone else's excuse of wasting the rest of your life away and wishing what coulda, woulda, or shoulda have been!

Our Promises: 


1.  You will gain permanent, special access to a students-only mailing list and website as long as you do not reduce the quality of life for our other students within the available forums.  You will have access to any updates to this BPSD 101 course forever. 

The BPSD 101 may not be sold, leased, given, donated, or transferred to any other party, individual, group, user name, e-mail address, or entity.  We reserve the right to amend, cancel, or change the BPSD 101 course itself at any time as well as its offering.

  2.  You will also have the capability of enrolling within a refresher course or a single, new session of the BPSD 101 course for up to 2 years after you initially enroll as a student.


This guarantee is designed to help you in a case family event or other high priority event occurs and you do not have the time to quickly apply the lessons taught.

3.  BPSD 101 is designed to bring you a minimum of 10x return on the cost of tuition. 

You will however see the overall value to be 100x higher than the cost of tuition.  We will answer your questions and make resources available to you within our online forums you until you absolutely reach ten times the cost of tuition.  All homework assignments must be completed successfully and submitted to us as necessary.

Here is a true story which gave me the idea of how simple that Buy Pennies Sell Dollars BPSD 101 had to be and it is!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Come On People, Fulfilling the Dream, & Let's Work!

Earlier this morning, I was "drafted" by my wife to volunteer at our oldest daughter Rachel's school.

Volunteering did not scare me since I was a former high school teacher of grades 9-12, a youth pastor and minister since 1996, a stockbroker with some the richest customers or deadbeat-foul-mood-because-my-buddy-told-me-a-bum-stock-tip-that-took-all-

my-money-after-I-bought-it people that anyone will ever meet:)

Everything went as my wife indicated that it would but when I arrived in the classroom, I knew that rubber was going to meet the road in a 21st century way that I had never experienced before as a student or teacher.

The classroom was divided into smaller groups of 4 students on average.  My daughter attends a new charter school within our county by the way.

The smaller groups instantly had an advantage over other educational philosophies in that each student could receive special attention at a faster rate than having a single classroom mass of students.

But the smaller groups also have a dual-edge in that if the student wants to drift off mentally or has problems with learning, the tasks at which the group does not receive hands on instruction will find the student driving off a cliff without any chance of hitting a guard rail or safety net.

As a former teacher, I had a learning curve in that the groups were rotating faster than I thought they should but I later realized that it was for the better.

In today's culture, I now believe that the gaming world, entertainment companies, and education institutions had better get married shotgun-style if American youth will have a chance globally.  The attention span of American society today requires that the small groups change tasks faster than they would when my deceased mother taught school or when I was a teacher or student.

Only a three-way marriage is going to give the masses an opportunity to not appear in printed documents posted within post offices or facing three strikes nationwide.

It is now clear to me that even a charter school will not be able to save some who have not been adequately prepared at home intentionally or unconsciously.

I was assisting first graders with the task of locating vocabulary words within a dictionary and categorizing the words as nouns of either people, places, things or animals, or verb (not a noun).

Some words may have been both a noun and verb and a few words did not actually appear within the dictionary being used.

The first group assisted were already working when I got there.  Almost immediately, I found one young girl to be as equally a drama queen as my own girls whenever things were not flowing her way.

I almost thought it was a ploy to get more attention.  But wait, it was:)

The bell or beep to change tables and move to a new task came faster than I realized.  I kept wondering if they were going to have to leave the classroom for some reason.

Then it hit me like lightning during the second group I was assisting.

One young man came to the table without any tools as the other kids had, appeared to not have been present the previous day, and sat down in a position to watch the computer monitors of kids who were working in another group even though he could not hear the sounds they heard through headphones they were wearing.

The gentle way but slightly mocking tone another young boy spoke about him let me know that the first kid was not going to get the star for the day.

3 of the 4 students rapidly jumped in to locating words while the unfocused kid found other worlds to dwell within.

So I moved beside him and squatted down to get on everyone's level of eyesight and more doors started opening up.

Although I had heard it during the first group, I was surprised to see the children more focused on what page a word could be found versus knowing how to locate the words within the dictionary.  Working together in groups is one thing, but not knowing the process involved is weakness that subverts the teamwork.

The fight to get them to not call out the page numbers was gentle and nonviolent but highly irritating at the same time.

Since the young kid was more focused on the computer monitors I asked everyone the question, "How many of you have played video games before?"  Everyone said yes or raised their hands.

I then explained to them that looking up words within a dictionary was just like playing a video game and counting at the same time.

I confirmed that everyone knew how to count from one to ten.  I then asked them "How many letters are in the alphabet?"  The fork in the road was then reached at warp-nine light speed.

The kids who were bright and appeared in tune with everything kept calling out numbers either too high or too low.  Upon each recount, they reached a higher number surprisingly.

It was the unfocused kid who changed positions away from looking at the computer monitors and made the 180 degree turn that stunned me.

He simply and calmly counted the letters of the alphabet and gave me the correct answer on his first reply.

"26!" was his answer and the rest of the kids even within the other sections did not get it right on their first attempt.

I then explained that they had a code of 26 letters that they had to use just like numbers in order to locate the words by using the beginning letters of each word.

From this point on, those who used the system would find the words quickly and easily while those who focused on the page numbers spent more time starting over and wasting time.

But the correct answer did not sustain the kid and he went right back to looking at the monitors as he had done before.

I stayed beside him and kept asking him about the letters within the words.  He understood the logic involved but would not get to second base of actually looking for the words.

The sessions continued without any further difficulties and by the time the last group reached me, I was back in rare teaching form.

One of the best things about today was that the comfort zone of only dealing with my own daughters was broken and meeting and working with kids other than your own will keep you more in tune with your own children and you will see some of the nuances that your own kids pick up while attending school.

The time went into fun zone and I really enjoyed it.

But the unfocused kid made me realize some things that I rather not have witnessed but now realize that I can help others like him who have grown up and attending college may not be a workable goal for them.

The kid made me realize that only through a video game or logical flowchart of a video game will American citizens regain the leadership in the quality of life.

Other countries have the lower health standards, higher crime levels and threats of violent wars, but America will slide into the same pits if the inequalities between the haves and have nots continue to multiply.

The creativity involved in creating a video game will capture and motivate youth and young adults above and beyond the criminal lifestyles that pop media is decaying into.

The criminal lifestyle appeared to be within this kid's future but we can flip his script early enough to keep him off that path.  I later thought to myself that the kid clearly has a future of being either Forrest Gump, Nino Brown, or the beautiful mind of a hedge fund quant if he can be reached.  Otherwise, somebody better get a football in his hands and show him a three-point position:)

But back to the breakthrough and turnaround.

People who have taken the paths of dirty money can and will finally see that they can lower their risks of being separated from their families and friends or the threat of being incarcerated if they begin to learn some simple, life-sustainable skills in how to earn clean money that can be taught to their circles of influence and descendants.

It still amazes me that rapper and music mogul Jay-Z and even deceased Biggie have been credited with the ability of not having to write down their lyrics before recording them.  This feat is nothing short of Shakespeare or Einstein in my opinion.

Clearly the skill has the seeds of mathematical finesse only commonly found within financial centers around the world.

Today's youth can turn the country around by learning these skills.

The primary downside or threat that I see is that without the proper guidance and selection of worthy values and moral compasses, earning generational wealth of such magnitude will more rapidly destroy them or be simply in vain.

My calling that was confirmed today is that I know how to share both requirements with them as a minister, teacher, and entrepreneur.

My 20th entrepreneurial anniversary was on November 1, 2008 and with each day I am becoming more energized for this new task and the next level that it will usher in.

I realize that I have only a tip of the iceberg in skills to create such a video game.  I know that through the power of God as revealed within the internet and web 2.0 world that the remaining tools can and will be discovered.  I can start to compile the rest of the components that I have within my reach however.

It is indeed the dawning of brighter new world:)

So I am keeping hope alive when it comes to today's youth in spite of all the traps and negative opportunities that await them.  They can and will survive! 

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