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How To Put Profitable Music in Your Business
(With or Without Playing An Instrument)

The WYSIWYSELL Safari Mall is proud to present a document authored by Roney Smith, MBA on how businesses and entrepreneurs can very easily and successfully gain more customers and stronger business relationships by adding an music and entertainment experience to their business operations.

You can order your own copy of the document for only $20 USD and join an exclusive online community of other business professionals who are implementing the clever strategies for increased sales and profits.

If you are a musician or manager for a performing artist or music production team, then you absolutely should place your order today to discover how to successfully grow your music business worldwide right from your recording studio!

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News for 2006!

  1. Our domain name no longer points to our blog which we are going to keep updated with our latest products and service offerings. This change will allow you to be able to obtain the latest news as it is happening as well as click the links directly to whatever interests you! The individual products will still appear on this website as well.

  2. We now directly accept MasterCard, Visa, MC/Visa, American Express (AMEX), and Discover credit cards!

  3. We have changed the focus of our blog that already existed.  We will begin to list the various products and services that we have available on this website.  You will actually make the purchases from this site, while you can use your favorite RSS reader to find out the latest offerings!                                              


  4.                                                                                             PayNow
    We have added new payment options for customers.  You can now buy any item with
    StormPay and CheckFree.  If you do not have an account with StormPay or CheckFree account yet, just click on the buttons and get an account established today!

    We also accept BidPay, cashier's checks, personal or company checks, and money orders as well.

  5. Get ready for high powered laptops, notebooks, and desktop computers from well-known and established global companies.  More links are to come! 

    If any specific computer model or electronics products are desired, simply use the form at the bottom of this page right now and we will conduct a search of our inventory to provide the item to you immediately without any delays.

  6. We have begun to restructure our art division since we believe that various pieces of art led to our eBay account being temporarily suspended.  All links to the art division have been disabled until the improper listings are detected and removed. 

    We were already in the process of phasing out the specific artwork on eBay when the suspension occurred.  We may only provide such art on this website in the future if at all.

  7. Our new electronics division is adding new products daily!  We are only going to offer the most dynamic electronic products with the highest demand and best value for our customers!  We have Apple iPods in stock!

  8. We are helping people make money while fighting identity theft and helping victims.  This is also within the same industry where we originally opened our first business in 1987.  The name of the new business is Privacy

  9. We have started to place our various price lists online!  Search for the items that you want and you will discover that our prices and services cannot be beat!  We will arrange to get the desired product to you as quickly as possible!

  10. Our new art division is up and running and we are consistently adding new prints everyday!  Please use our search feature below in order to locate high quality unframed artwork that you desire.  We can also have any piece of art framed for you on demand.

  11. You can now advertise your own web mall or storefront on our website!  Just contact us for details!  Check out the items that are in the final preparation stage before going on sale.  Get a jump on the crowd and buy these items now!  Visit our Coming Soon page!

  12. Through our parent company, TNL Communications Corporation, we are now able to offer the latest computer hardware and software products available for purchase within the 48 continental US states.

    There are so many products available that we are not able to list every item, but we will provide you with a free price quote if you have a particular item that you are looking for.

Feel free to use any of our telephone numbers or e-mail addresses below to receive a prompt rate quote for any computer hardware or software item that you are considering buying.  

We do not ship outside of the 48 contiguous states at the current time for the computer hardware and software.

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We will thoroughly delight our customers, suppliers, and partners throughout the entire purchasing process.  

We will treat each person that we come into contact with just as we desire to be treated.  

We will do whatever it takes to make each real, online, or offline contact a completely satisfying interaction.

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