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Make Money Helping People
Bounce Back and Recover from Identity Theft!

  • Identity theft is the fastest growing crime worldwide!

  • Most Consumers and Private Citizens Do Not Know How To File The Proper Claims!

  • Without Your Help Most Losses Will Double or Triple
    Without The Necessary Corrections and Solutions You Can Offer!

  • Turnkey Opportunity to stop the private and public economic losses due to fraud and theft

  • Become A Recognized Expert Within Your Community!  

  • Help The General Public In Your Area From Becoming A Fraud Victim!

  • Winning Bidder will receive an assortment of support and methods to help the business grow quickly and without the usual startup stumbling blocks


More People Need Your Help Than You Can Imagine!
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Start your own business helping people
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How would you like to add a new business division or service line to an existing business and control every aspect of sales, growth, revenue, ROI, and costs?

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Own every aspect of your business with this dynamic step-by-step report!

You will be able to service any type of identity theft victim regardless of their location!

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We reserve the right to limit the number of privacy concierges in order not to flood the market!

But flooding the market is basically impossible since each privacy concierge is able to service multiple clients just like the almost infinite number of people who are falling victim to this crime each and everyday!

Included within this auction is a copy of the well-guarded Matrix Intelligence Report for online auction markets!  This secret report alone can flip the switch for you to become a power seller!

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Our past losses must become your gain!

Check out our ABOUT ME page to find out more about us and our way of doing business!

2005 is going to be a year unlike any other that you have seen!

Make the money that you need to live the lifestyle that you desire!

We know that you will find the most suitable need, charity, or activity to spend your money and time on!

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Know that the privacy and security market is going to continue to grow and Baby Boomers especially find this trend hard to resist! 

Sell to the customers who can easily and readily afford your unique services!  Only the victims who leading busy lives will truly appreciate your efforts!


Hello Business Associate To Be (Our shipping and handling price is $free):

My name is Roney Smith (founder of The Next Mint, Electric Slide.com, and other offline and online business ventures) and I have been an entrepreneur since 1987 when my first ever business venture landed me on the front page of the local newspaper before our doors were ever opened for business. Needless to say, I was and still am hooked!!!

Over the years as the economy has seen highs and lows, I have always looked for the critical components of successful people and businesses. In some cases it has been easy to see what has launched a company from obscurity to being on the radar screen of virtually every living person within industrialized societies. But in other cases, going behind the Wizard’s curtain has been virtually impossible.

Regardless, there have been two keys to every business success trend: technology and simplicity. If a new technology is not simple enough to be quickly understood, then most business ideas built upon the technological concept will surely fail. If the tool is simple enough to be quickly understood along with its benefits, then any idiot will make as close to a million dollars overnight before more highly educated individuals realize what has taken place.

Your privacy concierge business
will provide a high demand service
with very little alternatives for the buying public!


Most of my successful ventures over the past 14 years has involved telecommunications. I was employed by AT&T in 1990 shortly after moving to Atlanta. Working for what was then internally called “The Death Star” (based on the company’s logo and the Star Wars movies), I was able to see firsthand how large companies quickly discount smaller companies and innovative ideas.

One of the best examples of the Fortune 500 mentality “If we didn’t create it, it does not exist” is the prepaid calling card industry. Many companies were introducing prepaid calling cards on the market in the early 90s and even offering the 10-10-XYZ calling services and making a mint. But virtually all of the big boys totally ignored the small players who were making it happen month in and month out.

Ignorance continued until the financial statements of the big boys started coming up short and the dividend checks of little old ladies began to shrink. I know because I had to speak to many irate customers about the issues before transferring them to the investor relations department.

Fast forward to 2005. Most of us have continued to ignore the various financial markets except for our 401(k) and IRA accounts and even markets such as eBay, because the transaction costs have been so high until recently.

Regardless of our familiarity with a specific market, it takes a moron not to be able to completely understand the benefits. Simply put, with the right information, you can tell where we are currently located or what route we will need to take to get to where we want to go.

When considered along with another trend called identity theft, you have the opportunity to apply various technologies that are already weaved into every aspect of life, telecommunications, distribution, and travel.

We are going to show you how to start your own privacy concierge business and successfully compete with other entities that are still trying in vain to help people recover from identity theft! You will obtain short and long-term contracts to provide services with starting prices of $100 while not being worried if you will run out of your supply or whether demand will dry up.



The uses of our information and technology are infinite. Our information can be used worldwide and no monthly fees are required before activating and there are no requirements that you have to use someone else’s product except in very limited cases.  We are not offering hosting services within this auction!!!  We can provide hosting to you though.

We are providing the necessary business support and network for you to get started in your own dynamic, global, turnkey business opportunity. We are keeping all fees low enough to quickly penetrate the market while capitalizing on all the trends that are creating a scenario just like in the movie “The Perfect Storm”!!

Use the Buy It Now option to immediately win and get involved within this exciting business today!

We will show you who your most profitable customers are, where they are located, how to quickly reach them, what to say in order to gain the customers’ business, and what it takes to keep happy customers for life!

Beyond what is easy to understand, we will show you how to maximize your business worldwide.

Remember that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself!

You will be able to deduct your vacations and getaways as business trips in most cases.  Please consult your tax professional.

One of the beauties of our business is that we have recorded the other trends that are going to impact our information and technology within society!! Everything that we do will make sure that your business and our company will be able to go to the bank with satisfied customers day in and day out!

This more than a ground floor business, it is a ground floor destiny! The only direction available is straight up!

We are not selling any domain names, but we will help you locate a domain name that successfully works for your business and create a link on our website to your business!

Your initial fee will provide 1 year of continued business support and renewable at the same amount or less for life!


The privacy concierge business is totally unlike any other business that we have seen within the past 30 years! Someone is going to make a lot of money in this business and it might as well be you!!!

Remember that we now have the absolute-cannot-miss information and technology within the history of mankind and we have the easiest to understand technology that anyone who can count is able to completely understand!


We will reduce your learning curve to zero! You will know how to obtain the necessary services wholesale and get started as an expert user within the privacy concierge industry!

Your business will be as easy to operate as a remote control for a television!


You will become a recognized business professional, commerce, and privacy expert within your local community regardless of having your business located in an urban or rural area!

With the presence of technology and simplicity in your business, you cannot miss!

Join us today and become a privacy concierge business owner with worldwide success!

We will even show you how to successfully add simple technology to your current or future eBay business for greater profits!

Join us today and become a privacy concierge business owner and find out how to obtain even greater profits through introducing offline people how to sell online with eBay through your current or future eBay Trading Assistant business enterprise! There is no reason for you not to include our information and your current technology within your online business!

Shipping and handling costs are free.  Inquire prior to bidding regarding any potential international orders.  You can expect to receive your shipment and have your new business up and running within 10 to 20 business days maximum.

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with other upscale, luxury items such as items below at will!

PLEASE NOTE: The minimum winning bid and total cost for this auction is $50 prior to any bids being placed. This is posted especially for potential bidders with a feedback rating of less than 100.

Payment is accepted via PayPal, money order,  personal check, or cashier's check.  Orders will not be processed until payment is confirmed by our financial institution.  


Get Started As A Privacy Concierge today!  Purchase Our Special Report on How To Make Money Fighting Identity Theft and Helping Victims!  This report is available for a special rate of $50.  Click the Add To Cart button below.

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