2005 CyberHazing Timeline!

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Below is the document that provides the full timeline and details of the 2005 CyberHazing with e-mails, available photos, and names of the participants:

2005 CyberHazing Timeline (Read-only MS Word document) 1.52 MB Last Saved on September 22, 2005 at 8:42 p.m.

This document more than fully exonerates me (Roney Smith) of any of the false accusations and attempts to defame my character. 

In order to clear my name, information that would have been kept private relating to discussions on the Nupenet and KappaForum had to be fully released and disclosed.  Therefore, I have willingly released the information.

The only possible way for the timeline to be stated as false is for the participants to willingly lie that they sent such e-mails.  The headers of the various e-mails have been provided as well to prevent this.

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