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Question of the Day: 

What immediately came to your mind when you first heard the principle and concept of No Nupe Left Behind?  What does No Nupe Left Behind mean to you?

Answers to this Question of the Day: 

initial_thoughts:  Honestly, the site makes no sense to me, I see a bunch of random stuff....are you regulating who has access to the group? To all the Nupes, especially the ones out of school, take your A$$ to an Alumni meeting, get financial, mentor a NEO, thats how you leave no Nupe behind, not by getting on the Nth Kappa website to socialize & post random thoughts for non-Kappas to see.

Working Hard for Brother Diggs
Date: 08/17/2005
Time: 04:49 PM

initial_thoughts:  Its means that we're all brothers and we're in this together.
Date: 08/16/2005
Time: 07:12 PM

initial_thoughts: Provincial Red Koats vs. Everyday Brothers who can care less about OMOV but more about networking, bonding, and talking to women.
Date:             08/02/2005
Time:             08:43 PM

initial_thoughts: more rhetoric
Date:             08/02/2005
Time:             07:58 PM

initial_thoughts: I think its a great concept for solidarity!
Date:             08/02/2005
Time:             05:43 PM

initial_thoughts: I saw this concept as a powerful tool that could make our bond much stronger. As a way to remove some of our many differences and allow us to accept the diversity that we are blessed to have in this noble bond. This website could start the the ball rolling towards an amazing 100th annivarsery.

On the YO!

Nu Tau Khapter
Spring '04
Duece Klub
Date:             08/02/2005
Time:             04:25 PM

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