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No Nupe Left Behind Internet Policy

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY AS OF:  Saturday, August 20, 2005 12:02 p.m. EDT

RATIONALE: This policy is to protect all individual Brothers and their families or affiliates from the threat or loss of physical, emotional, intellectual, and/or spiritual quality of life from the actual or potential illegal activities of other Brothers and their respective agents, affiliates, or those who may directly or indirectly influenced by them online or offline.

Any electronic communication is forbidden that is created on, distributed or transmitted through, broadcast on, received through the internet that does or seeks to conduct or initiate any of the following against another legitimate Brother that:

Furthermore, no electronic communication shall provide the rationale, opportunity, need, want, demand, and/or desire for an identifiable Brother to be the aim of a direct, indirect, or potentially greater violation of this Internet Policy before such electronic communication was distributed, while being transmitted or broadcast, and/or after such electronic communication was received by another Brother or made available for public or private online or offline consumption.

All such forbidden electronic communication (that is directly or indirectly received, sent as a reply to, forwarded as part of a thread or conversation of another message, carbon copied, blind copied, posted or printable with an identifiable URL of the server where it appeared or currently appears) should be immediately sent, forwarded, and/or brought to the attention of No Nupe Left Behind for further transmittal to the International Headquarters of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and other appropriate authorities and agencies online and/or offline to seek any or all legal means and avenues of recourse, remedy, resolution, award for damages, and/or disposition.

Please report any violations of the No Nupe Left Behind Internet Policy here.  

Please include the header information for any e-mails and the URLs where the violation occurred.  

If the e-mails are rather long, please complete the form more than once.  

You will not be identified or you are not identifiable.  
Your identity is not necessary or required to complete the form.

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