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Manifesto of No Nupe Left Behind (written July 29, 2005).

This is a website created to draw a permanent line in the Burning Sands and the paths of life and make a solemn promise to each other that we will not allow another Brother to be left behind when it comes to receiving critical information, communications, and entertainment as it relates to our Bond. 

We will extend the true manliness form of Brotherhood everywhere that another has been identified to be a legitimate member of our Fraternity.  We will find the extra second, minutes and hours to reveal ourselves where silence has been chosen and personally deemed acceptable in the past.

Never again will the assumption be made that everyone who is on the rolls actually receives the memo, the CB, and any other news that everyone else receives.  We will not blame anyone who does not show up as being lazy, trifling, renegade, and more interested in wine, women, and song!

We will not focus on the pains of the past but focus our attention, efforts, time, and money to finding mutually beneficial solutions for every level of organization imaginable and/or real.

As everything in life has (or should have available) a two-way street and the only requirement of this dynamic concept is that if you are indeed going to walk away and isolate yourself, you must state that you are doing so as well as the reason(s) why.  We will keep the lines of communication open and maintain a dialogue that we can disagree without being disagreeable.

I will not ignore you. 

I will think that I am greater than you are and/or you are less than I am regardless of who made either one of us, where we were made, how we were made, through the name and/or what type of chapter we were made in, how long one of us pledged or appears that the other one did not, which province we were initiated within, which college or university is on our degrees or not, regardless of what office(s) either one of us has held or not, and whether you have been financial and/or active the entire time since crossing the Burning Sands.

Everywhere I am, you are invited.  Everywhere you are need to be, I will either inform you or give you no other reason than you do not want to be there.  Everything that could separate us (and normally has) shall take a backseat and permanently show deference to the things we hold in common.

Our diamonds are indeed the same size regardless of year received.  There is no difference whether or not we wear a blazer with our Fraternity's crest upon it. 

It does not matter whether:

We are Nupes united, indivisible, and reaching out, building bridges, repairing gaps and breaches, and securing the perimeter once and for all!

This is Brotherhood unadulterated, uncut, and uncompromised!  No excuses shall be made and/or accepted for past, separations!

We will pay reparations to each other for past judgments, decisions, and events based upon never-ending commitment and unquestionable, pure Brotherhood!

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