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Maps Just Released (operational):

Local Chapter Meeting Locations

Through the use of Google Earth and Google Maps, you can now locate a wide variety of information and view it three-dimensionally and gain a greater perspective on what changes need to be made and how to use the data.

If you do not have Google Earth yet, you may download the free version or pay for an upgraded version!

All of the maps are being constantly updated, you feel free to add any information that is missing.


Map Polls Just Announced
(currently under development):

Kappa Business Directory

Grand Chapter Conclave Attendance

Kappa Worksites for Brother to Brother Luncheons

Jobs for Nupes (Supply and Demand)

As a greater and improved security measure, all maps will be stored within a system where only previously authenticated members will have access (such as the mailing lists for No Nupe Left Behind, Nupenet, and/or Jobs for Nupes

Please join one or more of the respective lists today in order to be able to maintain access for the various maps. 

We will make it virtually impossible for any data to be directly compromised so you can feel safe in sharing any information related to the maps.

Get a map created for your organization today! If you, your business, your church, your chapter, your province, or any other entity or organization that you are a part of would like to have a map created from scratch or existing data, then feel free to contact us for very affordable rates on our map creation services.  All revenue generated will go into the further development and maintenance of this website.

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