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Local Chapter Meeting Locations!

Through the use of Google Earth and Google Maps, you can now locate the various local chapter meeting locations and find out the specifics before ever attending the gathering of the Bond!

Be sure to adhere to the dress requirements of local chapter meetings because you may be denied entrance otherwise if you do not meet the minimum decorum requirements. 

At a minimum, please remember to carry your membership card, Life Member card (or Subscribing Life Member Card if applicable), and photo identification.  Plus as a guest, do everyone a favor and be early in order to be on time!

Check back later on this same page to see the meeting locations updated for usage within Google Maps!

If you do not have Google Earth yet, you may download the free version or pay for an upgraded version!

Here is the network link file for use within Google Earth after you have downloaded and installed the Google Earth Client.

Once you have opened the file within Google Earth, you may refresh the file to see more local chapters being added to the list.

As a greater and improved security measure, all maps will be stored within a system where only previously authenticated members will have access (such as the mailing lists for No Nupe Left Behind, Nupenet, and/or Jobs for Nupes

Please join one or more of the respective lists today in order to be able to maintain access for the various maps. 

We will make it virtually impossible for any data to be directly compromised so you can feel safe in sharing any information related to the maps.

New Maps Poll:  Grand Chapter Conclave Attendance

This map will show how far Brothers have moved since the date of their initiations, how far they have traveled to various Grand Chapter Conclaves, and current cities of residence.

A secondary purpose of this map will measure the impact of the years of membership upon the number of Grand Chapter Conclaves attended.  All information obtained will be kept totally confidential and no personal information will be shared with a third-party.  We will create the map and notify Brothers who are interested in knowing the results.

Date of initiation:  
What city were you initiated in?:  
What city, state, and zip code of the chapter you were initiated into (please provide the city and state at a minimum)?:  
Which Grand Chapter Conclaves have you attended (please name the city and year if possible or the number of the Grand Chapter meeting.  If it is easier to remember which Conclaves, you missed, just say so.):  
What city and state (and country if outside the USA if applicable) do you currently reside?  
Please provide your e-mail address if you wish to be informed when this map is created:
Comments and/or Questions about this Map or Idea for a New Map:

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