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Jobs for Nupes!

Through the use of Google Earth and Google Maps, you can now locate various global employment opportunities as well as identify Nupes possessing various skill sets worldwide nearest to the specific employment opportunity you are looking to fill!

This map concept is also designed to create a talent database of experts and informational resources within the Bond
even if Brothers are not currently looking for employment!

If this map concept really works, be sure to share your testimony with the Jobs for Nupes mailing list, send us an e-mail and we will create a photo album of past luncheons.  At least let us know the URLs where any photos are located.

No personal information will be posted online for security purposes.  We will start by listing the street address and other non-identifying information only.  Interested parties will be notified by e-mail and lunches coordinated based upon mutual interest.

This map concept was inspired by Brothers Paras Griffin and Leroy Clarke who have created the Jobs for Nupes mailing list! 
Thank you Brother Griffin and Clarke for being such an inspiration!

Check back later on this same page to see the worksite locations updated for usage within Google Maps!

If you do not have Google Earth yet, you may download the free version or pay for an upgraded version!

As a greater and improved security measure, all maps will be stored within a system where only previously authenticated members will have access (such as the mailing lists for No Nupe Left Behind, Nupenet, and/or Jobs for Nupes

Please join one or more of the respective lists today in order to be able to maintain access for the various maps. 

We will make it virtually impossible for any data to be directly compromised so you can feel safe in sharing any information related to the maps.

New Maps Poll:  Jobs for Nupes (Supply and Demand)


Are you looking for a job, have one you are looking to fill, or possess an expertise others may need to know about?:


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