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Below you will find the HTML code to upgrade your website to easily use the same RSS and XML feeds used within the Media Pulse service which will allow your website's visitors to stay totally on top of and in control of any developing news, blog entries, photos, and any other online media that feature individual Nupes as well as chapters, provinces, and the Fraternity at large. 

Visitors to your websites will be able to read and view the contents within My Yahoo!, and any other RSS news reading software or website!

Just copy (CTRL+C) the contents of each box and paste the HTML code into your websites.  The results will appear immediately without any delays.

Now this is what we mean when we say that there shall be No Nupe Left Behind!

Worldwide News On Nupes!

Worldwide Tagged Webpages By Nupes!

Worldwide Blogs About and From Nupes!

Worldwide Photos Featuring Nupes!

To add your news and information, websites, blogs, or photos, just click on the following links for tagged websites, blogs, or photos,  and create an account on the various services and use the same keywords. 

You can create your own news services and use other keywords that are appropriate for your situation. 

To read a guide on how to develop such a news service and for more information on RSS and XML feeds, check out the following articles:

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Is E-mail Dead?

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