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Ready, Willing, & Able, Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in Mableton, Georgia (which is 15 minutes outside of Atlanta, Home of the 1996 Centennial Olympics). RW &A was founded in the summer of 1994 by Roney and Wyteria Smith after Roney was deeply moved by the drastic increase in violent crime worldwide. Having lost his father due to homicide by a distant relative, many of Roney’s wounds were reopened. 

Due to the large time demands of finishing graduate school for a master of business administration degree, Roney placed RW &A on a hiatus. But on May 1, 1996, Roney was chosen to become a Man of God and RW & A now serves as a vehicle for ministering and applying God’s word to everyday problems.

You may contact Ready, Willing, & Able, Inc. via e-mail, telephone at (404)699-2125, or by our mailing address at P.O. Box 1943, Mableton, GA 30126 USA.

The Objectives of Ready, Willing, & Able, Inc.

The Beliefs of Ready, Willing, & Able, Inc.

Mission Statement for the Ministry of Roney Smith

Reading, Writing, & Announcing: The Journal of Ready, Willing, & Able, Inc.

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