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The Upperclassmen Fundraisers Bulletin is a weekly, MODERATED discussion list providing information in e-mail format as well as world wide web question and answer discussion on locating and acquiring long-term products and services available for fundraisers for booster clubs, student honor societies, marching bands, yearbook staffs, cheerleaders, fraternities, sororities, and other high school and collegiate organizations whose members are mainly juniors and seniors.

The Upperclassmen Fundraisers Bulletin is designed for any entrepreneur, organization, or fundraiser who desires to obtain and maintain a strong focus in sources which offer products and services available for resale to assist students raise funds for class trips, proms, graduation expenses, scholarships, and emergency relief funds.

Information such as how to locate hot products which generate short-term, intermediate, and long-term revenue for upperclassmen organizations, keeping previous customers interested your fundraisers, and maintaining an individual and collective balance of promotions and fundraising are likely to be discussed.

The list is NOT intended for bashing any other type of product or service or other means of distribution.

The list is NOT to be used for NETWORK MARKETING or MLM purposes. No MLM or get-rich-quick discussion will be allowed.

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