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My name is Roney Smith and I have been an entrepreneur since 1987 when my first ever business venture landed me on the front page of the local newspaper before our doors were ever opened for business. Needless to say, I was and still am hooked!!!

Over the years as the economy has seen highs and lows, I have always looked for the critical components of successful people and businesses. In some cases it has been easy to see what has launched a company from obscurity to being on the radar screen of virtually every living person within industrialized societies. But in other cases, going behind the Wizard’s curtain has been virtually impossible.

Regardless, there have been two keys to every business success trend: technology and simplicity. If a new technology is not simple enough to be quickly understood, then most business ideas built upon the technological concept will surely fail. If the tool is simple enough to be quickly understood along with its benefits, then any idiot will make as close to a million dollars overnight before more highly educated individuals realize what has taken place.

Most of my successful ventures over the past two decades have involved telecommunications. I was employed by AT&T in 1990 shortly after moving to Atlanta. Working for what was then internally called “The Death Star” (based on the company’s logo and the Star Wars movies), I was able to see firsthand how large companies quickly discount smaller companies and innovative ideas.

One of the best examples of the Fortune 500 mentality “If we didn’t create it, it does not exist” was within the prepaid calling card industry. Many companies were introducing prepaid calling cards on the market in the early 90s and even offering the 10-10-XYZ calling services and making a mint. But virtually all of the big boys totally ignored the small players who were making it happen month in and month out.

Ignorance continued until the financial statements of the big boys started coming up short and the dividend checks of little old ladies began to shrink. I know because I had to speak to many irate customers about the issues before transferring them to the investor relations department.

Fast forward to 2009 going into 2010. Most of us have continued to ignore the strategies of Google since they tend to lower the costs of being a customer of existing industries through technology to the point where we continuously cheer Google on without really asking where is Google trying to go and how we can repeatedly benefit along with this dynamic team mate! Just as many of us heard of the Lojack car theft recovery system years ago ourselves but many of us never had a car worth putting a Lojack system on! My college car had enough sentimental value to me, but no one else would install a Lojack system or pay an insurance claim if the car was ever stolen;)

Regardless of our familiarity with Google in its latest product Google Wave, it takes a moron not to be able to completely understand the benefits. Simply put, the Google philosophy is to continuously use technology to tell us what we are currently focused on or what resources we will need to take to get to where we want to go.

When considered along with another life trend called the Baby Boomer Generation, Google is going to become a company where technology is weaved even deeper into every aspect of life, telecommunications, distribution, and travel regardless of whether people are online as much as you are.

Right now the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has every level of government upgrading and maintaining their communications systems for handling emergencies (called E911) since many people are now using cellular telephones (over half of all telephone calls are made via cellular phones). Government entities have to be able to know where you are located in case you have an emergency and call 911.

When you consider the number of businesses, shoppers, retired senior citizens that are virtually stationary, and hobbyists involved in a growing underground sport called geocaching, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that EVERYBODY WANTS TO KNOW WHERE THEY ARE LOCATED AND WHERE THEY CAN GO FOR A GOOD TIME and GOOD DEAL!!!


The uses of Google Wave technology are infinite. Waves can be used worldwide and no monthly data fees are required before activating and using a Google Wave.

We are providing the necessary business support and network for you to get started in this global turnkey business opportunity. We are keeping all fees low enough to quickly penetrate the market while capitalizing on all the trends that are creating a scenario just like in the movie “The Perfect Storm”!!

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We will show you who the most profitable customers are, where they are located, how to quickly reach them, what to say in order to gain the customers’ business, and what it takes to keep happy customers for life!

Beyond what is easy to understand, we will show you how to maximize your business through our business network of other Wave Concierges located worldwide.

Remember that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself!

One of the beauties of our business is that we have recorded the other trends that are going to impact the Google Wave technology within society!! Everything that we do will make sure that your business and our company will be able to go to the bank with satisfied customers day in and day out!

This more than a ground floor business, it is a ground floor destiny! The only direction available is straight up!

We are not selling the Wave Concierge.com domain name, but we will help you locate a domain name that successfully works for your business and create a link on our website to your business!

You will not receive an exclusive territory to operate within since you will be a part of a worldwide network!

Just like the fax machine, smartphones, iPhones, your Wave Concierge business will increase in value every time another person opens a Google Wave account! Therefore having an exclusive territory is not in your best long-term interests!

Your initial fee will provide 1 year of continued business support and renewable at the same amount or less for life!

We reserve the right to limit the number of new Wave Concierges into our network for maintaining a desirable level of quality control and support!

The Wave Concierge business is totally unlike any other business that we have seen within the past 30 years! Someone is going to make a lot of money in this business and it might as well be you!!!

Remember that we now have the absolute-cannot-miss technology within the Wave technology and we have the easiest to understand technology that anyone who can count is able to completely understand!

Even if you do not yet have a Wave account for yourself or have never seen it in action, we will reduce your learning curve to zero! You will know how to blast off upon receiving an invite and get started as an expert user!

Waves are as easy to create and use as a remote control for a television!

You will become a recognized Wave Concierge, commerce, and travel expert within your local community regardless of having your business located in an urban or rural area!

With the presence of technology and simplicity in your business, you cannot miss!

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